Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Loving Homemade Stuff

Part of the reason why I wanted to start this site was because we all have busy lives. We all always seem to hustle and bustle to do this and that. What happened to doing things at home? When we are grocery shopping we always seem to pick up that convenient food, it's easier. But have you looked at the back of the package? What in the world does it say? I don't think I have those ingredients in my pantry or refrigerator. And with the scare of the cat and dog food epidemic, how do we know we are not getting some of those same ingredients in our foods? Here is the link to the US Food and Drug Administration on the Pet food recall. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh, that's what I say. It's always better fresh! And it's healthier, you decide what ingredients you include in your dishes, not the manufacturer's.

I also love to give homemade gifts, nobody else is doing it anymore. It is easier to run to the store and pick up something than it is to take the time to make it. Whether it's something from my kitchen or even a homemade craft. These are gifts people love and appreciate, they become heirloom's not just "another something I will throw in the closet" attitude.

I give gifts from the garden also. I know what's touched the plant from start to finish. I can decide what or if any chemicals touch my plants. I also know the love and frustration I have put into it. We all do not have the time to make everything "Simply Homemade", but maybe you will take a part or a recipe and add to your collection. Or maybe you will make someones day by saying, "I did this, and say "I Simply Homemade it, just for you".

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Remembering Measurements in Cooking

I love cooking, but sometimes it's hard to remember all of the measurements. Here is a helper in measurments.

1 cup = 8 fl. ounces
4 cups = 1 gallon
4 quarts = 1 gallon
16 cups = 1 gallon
8 cups = 1/2 gallon

8 oz. = 1 cup
16 oz. = 2 cups
16 tbls. = 1 cup
12 tbls. = 3/4 cup
10 2/3 tbls. = 2/3 cup
8 tbls. = 1/2 cup
5 1/3 tbls. =1/4 cup
3 tsp. = 1 tbls.